We aim to create a sustainable future by designing, creating and promoting functional products for lifestyle, leisure and play. Whether it's reusing, repurposing or recycling, EcoWOW's products stand for a world WithOutWaste.



Introducing EcoWOW & garage2green

EcoWOW was borne out of a Circular Economy pilot project launched in Scotland in 2017 with Circular Economy Investment Funding from Zero Waste Scotland.  garage2green is a unique golf club takeback scheme, seeking new homes for unwanted clubs. Please visit the garage2green website to find out more.

Whilst the primary aim of garage2green is to see unwanted golf clubs reused, for some clubs this isn't  viable. Hence, we wanted to create new markets for those components of golf clubs that aren't easily recycled. 


Keeping valuable resources out of landfill

By deploying shafts that would otherwise have been thrown away, we are able to give a new (second) life to unwanted golf clubs.

Graphite shafts are strong, flexible, lightweight and rust-resistant. They are also currently not easy to recycle, so repurposing represents the best environmental solution. 

EcoSHOT represents our first, limited edition, product. For further information, including updates on stock levels and real-life product pictures, please view our social media pages. 




Promoting sustainable products

We want to go further, by working with (showcasing) other sustainable products.

Please get in touch via the e-mail address below if you have a product that fits with our ethos, which you'd like to promote through the EcoWOW platform.